Here at Tutsi Farm, we love our little furry friends. We have had them years. We have Ruby and Crystal, Netherland dwarf rabbits. These two sisters live together fine. We have Rocky and Sherbet, brother and sister and these are a cross lion head and Netherland dwarf. Rest her beautiful little soul, there was Ruby (a Netherland dwarf) She was Rocky’s wife and sadly she passed last year from a broken heart when her 4 month old baby died. We will never get over this. I actually gave Ruby mouth to mouth to try and save her. Totally heartbroken. Ruby acted like a doggy, she loved being in the house. She would growl like a dog too. So many beautiful memories of her. 

We have 3 guinea pigs, two were a recent rescue. A father and son and they have a beautiful temperament. They’d never been together so I introduced them straight away and they are fantastic together.

Our two miniature Schnauzers, our best friends. They keep watch over everyone and make sure everything is in check. Anyone that is not one of ours and our soldiers are straight on guard!