I still remember all them years ago when finally I said enough was enough. I was bored of saying, “One day when we get chickens or I wish we could just get them”. It was the thought that we would need all these things to have them and knowing how to care for them. Well like anything, you know you’ll learn super quick. I’d arrived back from Ibiza on the Friday and said to my husband I was buying some the next day. I sourced some free range hens and arranged collection and then I went into super speed set up mode.

We already had a huge shed so I emptied that. I found baskets, we already had some shelves up and we put some more in. I got a haybale from the farm and all of the food, feeders and bedding we needed. We already had rabbits so we always had plenty bedding. I wanted the hens to be as happy as possible because of course, happy hens lay eggs!

Off we went and got our hens, we got 5 at first. We brought them home and let them explore their new home. These hens were feisty, they had fields upon fields to explore. I remember going in the next day and one jumped on my head. It was like a scene from the Alfred Hitchcoch movie, ‘The Birds’! Super funny memories, even some wondering if we had done the right thing. Also when I went in that morning, I spotted something over on the haybale, a large and very clean, EGG! An egg, they were laying but this was no normal egg. It didn’t come from a box at the supermarket. It was like I’d never seen an egg before. I can’t tell you how excited we were to find this egg, all of us squealing with excitement. Fast forward years later and here we all are, wondering how many eggs we’ll get that day and where will they be. They like to play hide and seek with us. Sometimes they will sit down in front of us and lay one by our feet like it’s a present for us.

We will never be able to put into words how much joy our animals bring us and how whole our house feels and we will be forever grateful for the magic of the egg!