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Tutsi Farm is a little bit of heaven in Euxton, Lancashire. The place that takes all my woes away. My family of five love our little world and wouldn’t change the madness for anything! We know how much people love their pets and want to help you give them the best lives possible.

As well as running my small holding, I sell pet supplies to people offering free delivery with orders over £10 in a 5 mile radius.

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There are many exciting things coming to Tutsi Farm so keep your eyes peeled.

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The Joy of Finding an Egg

The Joy of Finding an Egg

I still remember all them years ago when finally I said enough was enough. I was bored of saying, "One day when we get chickens or I wish we could just get them". It was the thought that we would need all these things to have them and knowing how to care for them....

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Ten Facts about Chickens

Ten Facts about Chickens

FACT 1: Chickens are carnivores and will eat anything they can get their mitts on, even a mouse if it's not quick enough! They would eat another chicken if it was injured! FACT 2: Chickens can go through a sex change so sometimes your hen could change into a cockerel....

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Furry Friends

Furry Friends

Here at Tutsi Farm, we love our little furry friends. We have had them years. We have Ruby and Crystal, Netherland dwarf rabbits. These two sisters live together fine. We have Rocky and Sherbet, brother and sister and these are a cross lion head and Netherland dwarf....

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